Celebrating International Youth Internship Program Participants

Over the past two years, Cuso International has connected 35 Canadian young professionals with partners in five countries through the International Youth Internship Program, supported by the Government of Canada. 

The internship program ends March 31, 2017. Cuso International celebrates its volunteers for making a difference in Guyana, Laos, Peru, Nicaragua and Cameroon.

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A Message from Cuso International Chair, Lloyd Axworthy

“Now more than ever, the skills of our young people are needed as we work together to build a more equitable world. We are fortunate that the Government of Canada shares our belief in the potential of youth and provided the funding to match our International Youth Interns with organizations transforming lives around the world. To our interns and our e-mentors, thank you for your service. I hope that you found the experience enriching and transformative. May it provide guidance and inspiration for years to come.” – Lloyd Axworthy, Chair, Cuso International.

Meet Some of the Interns

Ava Liu
Ava Liu, of Ontario, completed her internship at Centro Bartolomé de las Casas in Peru, where she helped build sustainable tourism opportunities. “The benefit of interning internationally is the chance to really immerse yourself in the working culture of another country,” Ava said. “I practiced my skills in a Spanish-language environment, which is something I could not have learned anywhere else. It will help me in my future because I got the chance to interact with many volunteers of different ages and backgrounds, which is not something I would normally have in a traditional organization.”

Caroline MacIsaac
Caroline MacIsaac did her internship at Women Across Differences in Guyana, an organization that advocates for and supports women and teenage mothers. As an intern, the Nova Scotia resident and University of New Brunswick graduate worked with Women Across Differences to build an advocacy strategy which will address young mothers accessing family planning. She also worked with the group Young Mothers for Change with the goal to help reduce teenage pregnancy and lessen discrimination against young mothers. “The need in Guyana for improving access to education and quality health services for teen mothers is staggering,” Caroline said. Read more about Caroline’s work.

José-Constant Grembe-Gbassinga
With a background in Law and Management, José-Constant says his goal was to put his skills at the service of vulnerable people when he interned in Cameroon at Appui pour la Protection de l'Environnement et le Développement: “I wanted a role where my skills made sense and fitted with the needs of the organization, and that’s exactly what I got.” Volunteering in Cameroon was especially meaningful for José-Constant who had lived there after fleeing his war-torn home in Central African Republic, before coming to Canada to study. “The country has given me so much and I feel like I owed it to her to give back in my own little way.” Read more about José-Constant's work.

Stay Involved

While the International Youth Internship Program ends March 31, Cuso International continues to place volunteers with partners around the world. Find out more about volunteering with Cuso International.