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Read stories about the volunteers and partner groups working at the grassroots of global change.


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Sophia Kebede packed her skills and set off for Cuzco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire, to serve as a Cuso International volunteer.

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Javier Ortiz left Peru some 20 years ago and never looked back. Until Cuso International gave him the right opportunity



IT specialist Gerald Luzangi returns to Africa via Toronto to help a university in Ethiopia connect to the world.



Micheline Vermette helps indigenous communities in Peru’s rural highlands prevent and combat violence against women.



Jeannette Actub helps fishers haul in more hard-earned profit in O’Krusang village, Cambodia.



Carley Granger is a community health specialist who worked in Northwest Cameroon on women's health.



Cuso international volunteers promote widow rights instead of widow rites – and help turn hardship into hope.



Business volunteer Scott Fraser helps rural Cambodian entrepreneur Ang Mom grow her line of dried fruit snacks.



From basket-weaving in Ghana, to feeding Ottawa’s chocolate addiction, Jennifer Williams has a sweet spot for fair trade.



Returned volunteer Lillie Johnson keeps a promise to return to Jamaica, to provide healthcare for people who couldn’t afford it.