Humanity is at its best when we all work together.

At Cuso International, we believe in the power of people. The power of selfless volunteers and trail-blazing alumni, determined to change the world. The power of unwavering partners, driven to make a lasting difference for themselves and their communities. The power of compassionate donors, empowered by their kindness to forge extraordinary change.

You can create change that is even more powerful. You can do so by leaving a charitable bequest – but we prefer to call it a legacy gift, because it shapes a deep-rooted legacy of equality, justice, and human potential. 

We hope that the following is of use to you in considering a gift to Cuso International in your Will.

Michael and Hulene

“When we first started thinking about our Will, we had strong personal connections with many organizations. We chose Cuso International partly because of our deep personal experience, but also because of the approach they take to their work. 

The values that we felt were exhibited back when we were volunteers in Botswana, are still part of Cuso International today; each volunteer is there to ‘hold the ladder’ while the partner can climb up to create the lives they want, with the dignity they deserve.”

– Hulene and Michael

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Today, 30 years later, Hulene and Michael can still hear the cowbells jangling and women singing in rhythm, their hoes dragging across the dry earth. In 1985, having been raised in a strong tradition of service and worked in social justice, the couple spent two years in Botswana as Cuso International volunteers. 

Hulene and Michael’s project was to help a local organization build and run a sweater factory staffed with local young mothers raising children on their own. It was a true partnership between locals and volunteers. It empowered the women to improve their lives, and to afford food and medicine for their children; some even got bicycles! 

Their 12 year-old daughter, Heather, went to school there – and she learned as much outside the classroom as inside. She learned how to make bricks to build a house. And how sometimes our close friends may not have enough money for school fees or medicine.

When it came time to write their Will, Hulene and Michael chose Cuso International to carry out their legacy with compassion. They’ve never lost the sense of connection with the organization. It remains a part of who they are. Like family. 


A Legacy of Transforming LivesA Legacy of Transforming Lives

You can shape the world of tomorrow. Your generosity will be vital in creating a planet that is equitable and sustainable for each and every person.

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Wherever people are affected by poverty or injustice, you can help plan and action solutions that create meaningful change. You can ensure every person is valued and involved in the decisions that affect their lives. You can save lives by increasing access to healthcare in remote or rural areas. You can champion resilient, self-sufficient communities, so they can overcome challenges like climate change and food insecurity.

This level of impact doesn’t happen in a day. It happens over a lifetime. Your compassion will enable people to build the capacity to lift up not only themselves, but those around them.

With a gift in your Will to Cuso International, you can make a world of difference. 


A gift in your Will to Cuso International is an undeniable commitment to reducing poverty and empowering people.

Three ways to give

There are different to ways to make this type of commitment, and we’d like to share some of the more popular options with you. Each creates powerful change in its own right. And, each has its own benefits to you, your family, and your loved ones.

If a gift in your Will feels right for you, there are three simple ways to leave this type of gift:

A residual gift fulfills all other commitments of your estate (such as gifts to loved ones) first. Then, the remainder is given to Cuso International.

A percentage of your estate allows you to divide your estate into equal portions. You can then leave a specific portion as a charitable gift.

A fixed amount gift allows you to give a specific dollar amount. This is a good option for those individuals who feel confident in their estate’s ability to meet all their priorities and commitments.

Important Things to KnowImportant Things to Know

If you are considering a charitable bequest to Cuso International, we ask that you take note of the following legal information:

Legal information

Legal Name:
Cuso International

Charitable Registration Number (CAN): 81111 6813 RR0001 

Charitable Registration Number (USA): EIN 30-0545486

If you wish to amend an existing Will to include Cuso International, feel free to use the sample codicil language below, in consultation with your financial planner.

Percentage of Estate Gift
“I give to Cuso International ____ per cent of the value of my estate to be used for its general purposes.”

Residual Gift
“I give to Cuso International one hundred per cent (100%) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate for its general purposes.”

Fixed Amount Gift
“I give to Cuso International the sum of $______ to be used for its general purposes.”

FAQ: Do many people leave
gifts in their Wills?

Yes! In fact, around 1.2 million Canadians have already left charitable gifts in their Wills. That number is sure to rise as more and more people find that they are able to provide generously for their loved ones and make an impactful gift to a charity whose work resonates with them. Canadians are discovering that they can create a ripple of change that continues to expand long after they’re gone, with a gift in their Wills.
FAQ: Who can make a
charitable gift?

One needn’t be wealthy to leave a gift in their Will.  In fact, any person who’s committed to eliminating poverty and injustice can leave a gift to Cuso International. They may be an alumna who wants to carry on their legacy of building social good. They might be a long-time donor who wishes to extend their giving even further. Or, perhaps they wanted to volunteer with us, but never had the opportunity to do so. In any case, a charitable bequest to Cuso International always sends a resounding message of hope – and creates a lasting impact on the ground.
FAQ:  Can I decide how my
donation will be used?

Many of the generous individuals who leave a bequest to Cuso International are alumni of our programs, or they care deeply about specific regions and communities. Often, they wish to direct their gift to the countries in which they had worked in the past. If you’d prefer that your gift support a particular area, we’re happy to discuss that with you. You can also decide not to direct your gift to a specific program or area. Your gift will then be used where the need is greatest and where the most people can benefit from your kindness, wherever they are in the world. 
FAQ:  Will my name be

Upon receiving a gift from a legacy donor, we take the opportunity to publicly recognize their incredible generosity, unless you request that we refrain. While some donors decide to share the story of their generosity with others to inspire them to give, it isn’t the right choice for everyone. Leaving a gift in your Will is a highly personal decision, and we will respect your wishes for privacy. 
FAQ:  Can I provide for my
family and Cuso International?

More than ever before, Canadians are discovering that they’re able to support loved ones and, at the same time, support a charity close to their hearts. Some choose to make a residual gift, which ensure that all of your other priorities are met before making a charitable gift. Others choose to divide their estate into equal portions and allocate those portions according to their wishes – otherwise known as a percentage gift. In this way, Cuso International can be treated like an additional family member in your estate plans.
FAQ: What if I already have
a Will?

If you already have a Will, there’s no need to re-write it in order to include a powerful gift to Cuso International. Instead, you can use a special legal clause called a codicil to amend your Will after the fact. As always, we strongly encourage you to consult your trusted financial advisor or lawyer, and with your loved ones, when making changes to your estate plans.

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